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Our Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) revolutionizes healthcare with a focus on reliability and efficiency. When it comes to automating healthcare, LogiCoy focuses on reliability and efficiency to bring you the best possible experience using our PDMP Solutions. We offer exceptional maintenance and monitoring services, as well as world class 24×7 customer service to make sure your PDMP setup is always in great condition. We provide PDMP solutions in the following states IL, PA, CA, WA, MD, UT, KY and many more.

EHR PMP Link App

Intuitive app with analytical dashboards provides intelligent information to providers about the MME, MPE, Drug overdose, info etc and also allows to share the information between providers

PDMP Application

State wide PDMP application for pharmacy data submissions, provider queries with analytical dashboards.

Master Patient Index

Matching algorithm with master patient index provides ability to link and unlink patients

HIE implementation

State wide HIE implementation to support healthcare data exchange like CDA documents, lab reports between compatible HIE systems.

EHR PMP Link Integrations

Access State PDMP data into the EHR systems through one of the integration methods.

Single click integration
No Click integration
SMART On FHIR Integrations

Excellent Rates

As a boutique engineering company, we are committed to providing our clients with the best and most cost-effective solutions.

24/7 Support

We provide quality support on a 24/7, 1-hour response basis. From product guidance to pressing questions, we are here to help!


With new technologies in the pipeline, we are constantly developing and enhancing products at LogiCoy.


Our endpoints uphold security standards such TLS 1.2, Certificate based Mutual Auth, and EHR specific single-sign on mechanism

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Smart Dashboards

Effectively track patient prescription history through an intuitive interface. Key features include:

  • Clear patient history of controlled substances
  • Display Pharmacy/Prescriber compliance
  • Morphine equivalent daily doses chart for opioid-related pain medications
  • Geolocation view of prescription history

Powerful Queries

Searching for patient information is made fast and efficient. Key features include:

  • Interstate search for patient prescriptions
  • Highly customizable queries
  • Alert criteria provided by experts from the medical industry
  • Add delegates with personalized permissions

Technical Support

Our team is available 24/7 for all your technical support needs. In addition, many pages of walkthrough videos and documentation have been created to aid in setting up and maintaining LogiCoy's PDMP Service.

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